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all things go

Amanda Lasicki on Wednesday, 30 May 2007. Posted in Student Life

i haven't even been out of school a week and i've already traveled to three states. talk about busy.

my first stop was pennsylvania to stay at my boyfriend's grandmother's house. we went out to dinner when we got there with his grandmother and cousins and stayed the night. the next day we went around town and visited one of his cousins who works at a hallmark. this particular hallmark sells vera bradley. and she gave me a sneak peak at fall colors and styles for vera!! woo!! nobody probably cares. 

we drove through amish country to get to delaware, where mark lives. we had a memorial day barbeque and his cousin came to visit and his best friend came to visit and we hung out with his brother and watched about thirty episodes of scrubs and it was just nice and relaxing. until tuesday when i suddenly realized that i hadn't done laundry and i needed to leave for the airport at 2:30. 

i also read gone with the wind. good book.

yesterday i got to florida. the airport is four minutes from my house and i was trying to look for my house but i couldn't see it and then i realized i was sitting on the wrong side of the plane. that made me sad. 

so yes i am in florida and i don't really have anything to do but watch movies and tv and play sims and read fairy tales because i don't have friends here. i went to the mall today with my mom and there was an apple store and it made me miss my old job a lot and all the fab people i worked with. 

i'm going to disney world next weekend!! i get to see cinderella! i'm most excited by that. 

well my battery is about to die so time to find a place to plug my laptop in. toodles.