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Ally Week!

(October 11 2007) Written by: Cory Gregory in LGBT

For those of you who don't know what Ally Week is, it is a national youth-led effort empowering students to be allies against anti-GLBT (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Trasgender) harassment and name-calling. Ally Week just so happens to be this coming week (October 14th through October 20th). The following is a list of events occurring throughout the week:

The RIT Gay Alliance (RITGA) will be hosting the following events:

Thursday, October 11, 10:00pm: CAB Thursday Night Cinema Series presents Transamerica. A pre-operative male-to-female transsexual takes an unexpected journey when she learns that she fathered a son, now a teenage runaway hustling on the streets of New York. While covering a topic widely seen as sensitive and "not talked about" this film remains light and humorous. (Ingle Auditorium)

Friday, October 12, 9:00pm: Student Drag Show. A line-up of student performers will dress in drag and perform to some of their favorite songs. (7A-Webb Auditorium)

Residence Life will be hosting the following events:

Sunday, October 14, 8:00pm: "Queer Eye for the RIT Guy" film.  A spin-off of the Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, we've created a film for one of our own RIT community members. (SDC-1300)

Monday, October 15, 8:00pm: we will be hosting a panel of students from various backgrounds ready to answer your questions about the GLBT community, people, culture, history, and personal experiences. (SDC-1300)

Tuesday, October 16, 7:00pm: the film "R Family" will be screening. This film is a documentary about a Gay Cruise line. (SDC-1310)

Wednesday, October 17, 8:00pm: will be the annual Drag Bingo with local Drag Queens Samantha Vega and Dee Dee Dubois.  Use Skittles for place markers and win cool prizes! (SDC-1300)

Thursday, October 18, 8:00pm: a Safe Zone training program will be hosted. Learn how to be an ally and how to be supportive of GLBT students and issues. (SDC-1300)

I'm very excited for this year's events. Last year, I attended "Queer Eye for the RIT Gal" and Drag Bingo and I had sooooo much fun at both. I encourage all RIT students to attend the events. That's all I have for now!

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  • manda


    12 October 2007 at 09:03 |
    i'm pumped for queer eye for the rit guy!!
  • Guest User

    Guest User

    18 March 2008 at 11:18 |
    [color=#00FF00][/color]whats up i'm in GSA at my school in MA, and i was wondering what more can i do?

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