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Almost at the end..

Jessica Quinn on Wednesday, 16 May 2007. Posted in Coursework, Life After RIT

It's official. I'm a horrible blogger. I just don't think about it enough ya know. But things are gonna change around here..i promise..OK JD! Wink So this past tuesday we had a farewell party for all of our graduating seniors. That means lots and lots of yummy food and getting to hang out with all of the student workers that you may not get a chance to see very often. It was lots of fun..PLUS i won a prize. It made me feel really guilty though, and i'll tell you why. Every week somone wins the title of 'blogger of the week' and I have gotten this once and only once, becuase I go forever without blogging. So everyone who has been a blogger of the week was put into a drawing, and your name was put in as many weeks as you have been given this title. So my name was in there only once, and my name was picked to win a prize. I won a 25 dollar gift card for itunes..pretty sweet..but i felt super guilty. So make myself feel better, I've decided that a few blog posts should do the trick!'s wednesday of week 10!!!!!! Two more days..three finals and im outa here!! I've decided that I'm going to go home for the is my last summer of freedom after all. I'm probably going to be working a real job though..but it's good money and money is something im in desperate need of. So my plan is to go home so i can spend my summer with my family and friends and at the same up some cash so i dont have to scrounge for money next year.
So here are some of my goals for summer:
1. Make a ton of money
2. Spend a lot of time with my family and friends
3. Buy a bike and start riding it
4. Workout in particular..tryin to get ready for the big marathon in sept w/ arthurWink
5. Go on a sweet vacation at the end of summer
6. Buy the most amazing new lacrosse stick everrr
I have simple goals. I'm ok with that.

I have exactly 3 hours of class left & a total of 6 hours alotted for finals. That's it!
I can't believe im gonna be a senior in college next year.
Let me tell flies by. I definitely do not feel old enough to be a senior in college. It's kinda funny. It's scary though because this summer i have to start picking out grad schools and preparing for the GRE's..ahhhhhh! It will be fun pretty excited. off to finish up the application for the job i desperately need this summer!
Wish me luck!