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Alpha Sigma Alpha Formal and Flying Box Fans

Kahle Toothill on Tuesday, 24 January 2006. Posted in Clubs, Student Life

wow so a lot of happened in the past week. I've been swamped with school related things, since it is week 6 and midterms are rolling in. I've also become a brunette and managed to fit into my senior year BCBG prom dress for our fomal this past weekend. The weather has been GORGEOUS. Sunshine, no snow on the ground, etc. I can't beleive it's February. Well anyway, funny thing happened yesterday. My roomate Sarah turned on the wrong burner when she was trying to make tea and the burner with a pile of dirty pots and pans started smoking and we're running around like crazy trying to get the windows open and the fans going so we don't set off the fire alarm. We throw open the window and prop the fan up against the screen like it's our job. OOPS. The screen apparently can't hold more that 0.03 pounds and our box fan and the screen go flying out the 2nd story apartment window. haha. We were having such a crisis. It's fun to laugh about now. Anyway, here's a picture of the the Alpha Sigma Alpha winter formal 2006. enjoy. Not everyday that you see 33 girls in formal gowns at RIT.