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Alternative Valentine's Day Plans

Amanda Lasicki on Thursday, 12 February 2009. Posted in Clubs, The Arts

    Looking for something to do on "Single Awarness Day"? (That's Valentine's Day for all you in love people out there) There's plenty of things to do around here! Go explore downtown with your friends! Go eat a Vermonster from Ben and Jerry's! There's even something semi-Valentine's Day related going on in WOW (World of Warcraft).

    But really, what could be better than taking in Shakespeare's famous tragedy, Othello? Sure, there's some love in the beginning, but then there is jealous, hatred, and murder. NTID is currently putting on Othello and as their photographer, I got a sneak preview. I mentioned in an earlier entry that NTID theater has signing actors on stage and voice actors off stage. Not for Othello! The voice actors were right up there with them, in costume, fully acting everything out along side the signing actors. At some points, depending on the action, the voice actor would be interacting with the signing actor or one set would be providing the action while the other would be providing the words while sitting back.

    Othello also incorporated video shot by our very own Adam Richlin. The play opened with videos, introducing each character, telling us who they were, and giving us their sign name. Throughout the play, the video was used to give us the character's monologues, mostly of Iago's evil thoughts. This was very innovative and I'm sure it was easier on the actors.

    Othello is one of the best plays NTID has put on (that I've seen at least) so go check it out!

A dance scene
L-R: Voice Othello, Signing Othello, Signing Iago
Iago and Rodergio
Othello and Iago