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and a partridge in a pear tree

Amanda Lasicki on Friday, 07 December 2007. Posted in Student Life, The Arts

wow i cannot believe the first week of the quarter is nearly over. time flies when you're...getting lost on the way to class and forgetting to pick up your textbooks? yeahh...

so i am back in the lovely rochester. i arrived back to there being several inches of the wonderful powdery white stuff on the ground with even MORE falling. i think today was the first time since i arrived sunday that i haven't seen it snowing.

play rehearsal is off to a slow start. on the other hand, singers is in full swing. we have an extra rehearsal this weekend to get ready for TWO concerts next weekend. it's a bit easier because about a third of our music is christmas carols which most people have some knowledge of.

i decided that i think i'm going to ask my mom to get me an apple-corer-slicer-peeler for christmas. it would make my life so much easier and i'd eat a ton more apples.

my christmas tree is up at home!! we also got our special ornaments...we have FOUR this year. the first one is a little fireplace with four stockings hanging off and we have our names on the stockings. the second one i got for my mom. it's a "beach bum" lady and it says her name on towel. the third is just a simple glass ornament that says "i (mickey mouse symbol) NY". the last one (you can guess who picked this one out) is CINDERELLA!! [=

so in other not very happy at all news, my puppy died over break. ]= i talked with carline about dogs and how important they are to family members. i'm an only child and i got harry (my dog) for my sixth birthday, so he's been everything for awhile.




harry 7-14-93 - 11-30-07