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another busy year

Amanda Lasicki on Monday, 11 September 2006. Posted in Clubs, Coursework, Student Life

this year is already shaping up to be pretty crazy. it's only been a week but i've got some challenging classes ahead. in M&P i have a lab due every week and in photo i have an assignment due every week. and then there's the rest of my classes...hahah. yay? maybe?

one thing i feel like talking about is the fact that it's september 11th and yes it's the 5th year anniversary of the attack on our nation. cnn is showing the news report from that day as it happened. not gonna lie, i'm not a fan of that. i already watched it once and i can remember it pretty well. i don't need a refresher. maybe like 100 years from now people will want to watch it. maybe when kids that were real little then or not even born will want to see it when they're teenagers or something.

i don't really know what else to say about it. a lot of time has passed. it really doesn't feel like so much time has gone by though. i guess that happens as you get older.

in other [and happier] news, i'm officially an off-floor member of photo house. i paid my dues. i'm already on floor all the time and now i'll have card swipe access so no more waiting for NRH residents to swipe me in. sunday we have a picnic so i get to hang out with all the cool photo house people!! yay.

facebook was kinda crazy last week. they introduced this new feature that made it live up to my nickname for it, stalkerbook. basically, when you logged in, your homepage gave you like every little detail about what your friends were doing. with the times they were doing it. some were okay, like
"eddie updated his profile 11:02 pm"
"ashley has added photos to her album 'dorm madness' 10:38 pm".
and then there was the a little more intrusive.
"brian is now single. 10:25 pm"
"andrew has added backstreet boys to his favorite music. 10:11 pm"
"jana has changed her about me section. it now reads... 9:47 pm".
then there was the downright creepy.
"brendan wrote on jennifer's wall. 'hey last night was fun call me sometime this weekend' 9:36 pm"
"10 of your friends are now friends with jackie."
honestly. at the rate they were going i was excepting to see something along the lines of:
"rebecca took a shower. 7:02 pm"
"jake is in the bathroom. 6:24 pm"
"dolly just picked up her fork and is about to put a piece of chicken in her mouth. it was cooked on the grill and marinated in teriyaki before that. 5:16 pm"
but. my generation decided to have their first revolution and fight facebook. we started groups with titles like "new facebook sucks." and "i miss the old facebook." and "i had enough problems with stalkers before facebook introduced newsfeed." and then facebook changed their ways. and all the teenagers and twentysomethings were happy. the end.

my computer appears to be having some sort of mental break down. it just keeps freezing up on me randomly and then like i go downstairs and do something and when i come back its fine. technology. meh.

and lastly: a little bit of advice. leftovers are amazing. cherish them.