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Apparel for your iPod??

Kahle Toothill on Tuesday, 23 October 2007. Posted in Student Life

Well, sort-of. Fall is here and winter is right around the corner. Many of us faithful iPod owners may not know that the devices we’ve come to rely on don’t like cold weather so much. In cold weather, the battery tends to drun out of juice more quickly.

As I was fortunate enough to receive an iPod touch for my birthday, I carefully read the instructions (as I neglected to do the first time with my shuffle) and came across some interesting information. As soon as it gets below freezing (32 degrees Farenheight), the life on your battery becomes compromised. To prevent this from happening while you’re carrying your iPod down the quarter mile, keep it in your pocket near your body or...

SKINS, SLEEVES, SLIPS, JACKETS, and even SOCKS are available for your iPod!

I know it sounds a little silly, but what better way to protect your iPod from scratches and the cold weather at the same time. I have two favorite wardrobe preferences of my own:

1. The Socks… gotta have em. They're one size fits all and you get all 6 colors with your purchase. Where to buy: The Apple Store

2. The Jacket.
It’s runway worthy. You can customize everything from the leather color to the stitching color. Where to buy: ab sutton