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Apple Interview

Joe Conley on Thursday, 21 February 2008. Posted in Life After RIT

So next week I've been invited to fly to Cupertino, CA to interview with the graphics team at Apple that works on products across Apple's line including the iPhone, MacBook Air, iPod Touch, and Mac OS X. This would be for a full time position after I graduate in November. My friend from the CS department and fellow game development enthusiast Paul Solt has accepted an internship with the same team this summer. I have to say I'm getting pretty tired of the cold weather at the moment, and will fully appreciate a day or two in a reasonable climate, if not more time come November. I'll try and follow up with how it went, and maybe post a photo or two if I remember to bring my camera along with me. Meanwhile I'll be brushing up on my C++ and OpenGL.

From the job listing from Apple's job website:

The 3D graphics software group is responsible for providing the interface and architecture for developers to access 3D software and hardware on Mac OS X. We're looking for a top-notch engineer that can help make the 3D program at Apple be a success. This person must be a self-motivated individual with a strong interest in 3D graphics.

Responsibilities include:

• Debug and maintain OpenGL

• Design OpenGL extensions
• Develop OpenGL pipeline optimizations
• Design the future 3D graphics architecture

This is a challenging and exciting position at Apple. A technical BS/MS degree plus experience in 3D graphics programming required. Knowledge of OpenGL required. Excellent communication skills required.