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art history still blows

Amanda Lasicki on Monday, 03 April 2006. Posted in Coursework

gosh, i can't believe it's week four already.

i suppose this hasn't been the best of weekends. housing decided that we MUST get a fourth roommate. i went to my roommate's house which was a lot of fun but after arriving, i remembered that i left all my school stuff here and i have an art history examm at four. whoops. luckily, i was able to get the notes emailed to me. something similar happened back in high school where i left my books at school the weekend before finals. guess i'm just not good with that stuff.

the weather is still wonderful. i heard it was going to be 55 and rainy all day but nope. it's like 70 and sunny right now. supposedly it's gonna snow wednesday but i don't believe that.

well, i must be getting ready for more class. yay?