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Au revoir Rochester, Bonjour Rennes!

Victor H Sanchez on Wednesday, 13 May 2009. Posted in Student Life, Study Abroad

This quarter has been so hectic; it made this quarter go by very fast. Normally as I complete my third year this would be the time that I would search for a coop. Since I changed majors it was not likely that I would find a coop due to my lack of experience in my new field. Though I did try I was unsuccessful.
I was unsure what I would do this summer. I figured I could stay in Rochester and work in the admissions office even though I really wanted to go home. I am anxious to go home because I had not been home in a while.
My friend also was unsure of what he would be doing this summer. At the end of our sophomore year we had both heard about a summer study abroad opportunity, which he remembered about a month ago.
The program is a month in Rennes, France staying at INSA a sister school to RIT. The program is through the College of Engineering mainly for Mechanical Engineers in their second year. There is space available for up to 15 students. During this month we will be taking Engineering Economics, a French Class, and a French culture credit achieved through field trips around France. This will add up to 12 credits, which is full time at RIT.
When my friend told me that he was doing this I was happy for him but though nothing of it. As time got closer I decided it would not hurt to look in to be being able to go as well, even though I was no longer in the College of Engineering. I am glad I did!
 I will be going to France for the month of June. Engineering Economics is an elective for Mechanical Engineers, but a required class for Civil, so I would be taking a required class. On top of that I would be taking a French class and get a French Culture credit both of which count towards my French concentration.
    I am very excited about going to France! Laughing I will post through out my stay in France so look back to read about my adventures in France.