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Audibly Delightful

Jeff Maher on Tuesday, 04 April 2006. Posted in The Arts

Yikes! It's been awhile since I've updated. The past three weeks or so have been pretty busy and I've been out of town intermittently - so it's been a little tough to keep up with classes. Anyway, I had some fun downtown about two weeks ago that I wanted to share with everyone...

I'm not really much of a rock concert type person. Don't get me wrong, I listen to some form of rock on a daily basis and often times bother my roomies by jammin' out some tunes while in the shower. Nevertheless, rock concerts are way too loud (ears ringing!), everything is just coming out of an amp or speaker (not too far from listening to the CD), and I'm not the crowd surfing type. I've been to a few rock concerts in my life and have only enjoyed one (Live 8 in Philly, but more for the cause and company).

Despite all this, I LOVE live orchestral music. Being in the same room as a full orchestra brings a musical piece to life in a way that a pair of stereo speakers will never achieve. Instead of just listening to a composition, you experience it. This is why I nearly peed my pants when I heard that the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra (RPO) was going to be holding a concert playing pieces by one of my favorite modern composers, John Williams. I was also rather delighted by the fact that my RIT ID let me get in for a mere $10!

When my friends and I got there, we managed to snag nearly front row seats and sat patiently as the orchestra warmed up. Then it happened, the conductor came out from the back of the stage and the Olympic Fanfare sprang to life, instantly raising the hairs on my neck in a way that only good music can do. The Superman theme was propelled forth with a fanfare of heroic brass, a beautful violin solo of the Schindler's List theme moved my heart, and hearing Star Wars allowed me to realize a dream of hearing it played by some of the best muscians in the world. It was truly magnificent.

The concert was held in the gorgeous Eastman Theatre - a sight to behold from the inside and out. I took some pictures before the concert started, so enjoy...


(Front rows)

(The ceiling)


(The audience)


(The RPO warms up)