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Avoid Being The "Poor, Starving, College Student"

Megan Chapman on Friday, 08 October 2010. Posted in Clubs, Dining, Student Life

So today is Friday and to me, an honors student, that means free pizza from the honors program at 11:30 before heading off to my club meetings for the day.  If there is one thing I have learned about living on my own and having to pay for my own, well EVERYTHING, it is to take advantage of everything free around campus, especially food.

It is usually pretty easy to go an entire week not paying for at least one meal a day as long as you look for certain club kickoffs, Greek events, or respective college events.  The free food of choice around RIT is usually ice cream or giant boxes of Salvatore’s pizza.  If it is Salvatore’s pizza, I HIGHLY recommend Buffalo Wing Pizza, a Rochester favorite.  dsc01208.jpg

Some honors students enjoying Free Pizza Friday!

Many places around campus also offer giveaways and free stuff, but you have to watch for it.  The best way to score free stuff is to check your email daily and like/friend everything RIT on Twitter and Facebook.  You can sometimes score free hockey tickets this way, so keep an eye out!  

Tickets and food aren’t the only free things on campus.  As mentioned above, I am an honors student.  In addition to free pizza every Friday, I also get a free $1000/ year in scholarships and a free spring break trip this year.  Oh and I know this isn’t a “free” thing, but we get to register for classes a day earlier too!  The “free” trip isn’t COMPLETELY free though, I have been taking a series of 1 credit classes in preparation to interview companies we visit on the trip.  The only things the honors program asks for in return for all of this free stuff are 20 hours of complementary learning (community service) per year, the attendance of honors classes and a minimum GPA requirement.  In my opinion, not a bad trade.

So yes, living on your own is expensive, but you don’t have to be the typical “poor starving college student” if you play your cards right.