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Awesome Experience with COFFEE

Zhen Zhou on Sunday, 15 March 2015. Posted in Co-op

If you like coffee, you must have heard about Keurig Green Mountain. It is a coffee and coffee brewer production company. Keurig and Green Mountain Coffee were two separate companies before. Green Mountain Coffee produced coffee and Keurig produced coffee brewers. At the end, these two companies decided to merge and that's where Keurig Green Mountain Company comes from. I heard a lot about this company and lucky me - I had a chance to get a co-op position there last semester!

The most attractive part of this company to me is its creativeness. How clever that the people there got the idea to brew a single cup of coffee instead of a pot every time. "K Cup" is what I'm talking about. Coffee has a long history. People in the States drink coffee everyday. I come from China, a country with a traditional drink of tea, so coffee is new to me and I wanted to know more about it. Along with my curiosity, I came to Keurig in July last year.

The headquarters of Keurig is in Burlington, MA which is about a half hour north of Boston. My co-op position there was portion pack quality engineering. Basically my job was to perform tests on coffee cups. This position perfectly fit with my Industrial Engineering major. I learned a lot about quality control there; for example, statistic tools, lab measurement machines, project making process, etc. Some days I also had some other projects due to requirements from the research and development department. People here are very nice and I also had the opportunity to network with professionals in fields of my interest inside the company. Talking with other professionals allowed me to learn about the process to develop a new product from an idea to marketplace. At Keurig, there is a co-op program so I was there with 20 co-op students from other schools. We had lots of good events in the company and outside of work. I went to a panel about graduate school where I heard about experiences from Hartford MBA students. I went to my first baseball game too - the Boston Red Sox. At Keurig, I also tried at least 30 different flavors of coffee. That's definitely the most amount of coffee I have had in my life! 

My co-op experience at Keurig has been one of my favorites. The spring career fair happened recently, and I hope current students found their ideal co-ops. For those who are looking for a co-op or are interested in a future co-op position, my suggestion is to check out the companies that make you feel excited and talk to them. If employers see your passion, you will have a bigger chance to get the job you like!