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B-Dubs, Throat Cultures, and Messiness

Cynthia Roberts on Wednesday, 20 June 2007. Posted in Campus Safety

Generally, I try to be a somewhat clean person.  However, after I've been so busy with work and getting my house ready for the new tenants (who moved in close to a month ago anyway), that I've completely neglected my room.  And it really shows.  I could be cleaning but instead I chose to write about it instead.

Throat Cultures
Ever since I was a little kid, I've despised throat cultures.  As a little kid I was plauged with strep throat, making throat cultures a regular part of my life.  Yes it was as lame as it sounded.
So finally, I've gotten around to having my tonsils out (this Friday) with hopes that it will cure me of the dreaded sore throat I get twice or three times a year now.  Anyway, I'm pretty scared of getting these tonsils out, I'm kind of attached to them as lame a joke as that is, it's the truth.  Couple this with the fact I've never had surgery least nothing they put me to sleep for.
Which brings me to the next headline

Being from Vermont I'd never heard of the strange ritual that is Buffalo Wild fact I don't even really like chicken wings.  But as I learned my freshman year.  Buffalo Wild Wings is an experience inside of itself (and the boneless wings are pretty good).  Every Tuesday night they do wing tuesday where you can get as many wings you want in as many different flavors all for the very affordable price of 20 cents each.  This is ideal for the poor college student like myself.  I went to B-Dubs last night to pick up some wings for a friend of mine and I to enjoy for dinner and managed to not only run into one of my housemates, but 2 other people I knew from school.  The popularity of B-Dubs is amazing.  And it was fantastic to enjoy this amazing food when I'm confined to liquids and ice cream for the next 10 days.

In other general news:
I miss Stacy.  She went home this week for her sisters graduation.  I'd like her to come back now please.
Brian L., my roommate Becca, and my friend Jared are all coming up this weekend.  I'm going to be so miserable with my throat I probably won't get to see them much.  Although Brian has promised to bring me a pint of Ben and Jerry's (since I'm from Vermont) as long as we can eat it together.
My mom is also coming up because I'm a big baby and I need to be taken care of.
Work wasn't very exciting today.
I only worked at the library so I can work all day at Admissions tomorrow.
The adults are going on a retreat for the next two day so students are staffing admissions.  Which is cool with me except I have to answer phones.  I'm still new, and I really don't know much, so I feel this isn't the best thng to get thrust into but I'll handle it.

Besides if I get really lost, I'll just transfer them to the front desk.

Now it's time to go help Ryan (the housemate) with dinner (tortellini!)