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Pooja Nanda on Thursday, 26 July 2007. Posted in Co-op, International Students

So it definitely has been a long time since I wrote in here but that was only because classes and work had me very occupied and nothing of great interest was going on in my life. This week is almost coming to an end and I am so glad because it means that I can start counting the days till I get to see my parents :-)...They decided to surprise my brothers and I and are currently at my brother's place in Dallas ( where I wil be headed as soon as my finals are over..yippeee!!).

Besides the regular classes, exams and work, I had a very eventful experience this past weekend since it was College and Careers on campus. Seeing all the students with their parents made me think back to 4 years ago when I began my college application process. Being an international student, of course I did not have the opportunity of visiting different campuses; everything was judged from online tours. However, my brothers had already been through the process and since my parents have also lived in the States before, we had a good idea of the different schools to apply to. I knew from before my major was going to be electrical engineering so that greatly helped in narrowing down possibilities and I followed the family tradition of applying to ten different schools. I made sure after a lot of research on collegeboard, as well respective university websites and consulting with my family too that each university I chose, had something unique about their engineering program which would keep me engaged if I were there. For example, RIT has a very unique co-op program and I think it is a great feeling for me today, after about 3 years of classes and two very succesful co-ops, that I actually understand the practical applications of my theoretical work and will not be at a loss when I enter the job scene full-time upon graduation.

I actually had a harder decision to make when it came to finally choosing a university for acceptance of admission since I got through 7 of my 10 choices. That is where my family definitely played a very large role because my brothers good give me great feedback from their own college experience and also what they had liked/disliked about their respective universities (since both were on my list). It finally came down to a choice between Cornell and RIT wherein Cornell was weighing higher in the beginning since one of my brothers was just about to graduate from there so it would be familiar surroundings for me. However, RIT gave me a god amount of scholarship which is very hard for international students to get and we do not have any opportunity for grants or loans either making college education a thoroughly expensive affair. I finally chose to go with RIT and never once have I looked back in regret. RIT truly has given me a lot and I have excelled in so many different ways on many platforms which I believe I would not have done so elsewhere.

This past weekend served to refresh all the memories of application tensions, deadlines, the balancing act between still doing well in school as well as in the SATs, having fun seeing virtual tours of each campus and in general gaining a wealth of information about oneself when writing all the personal statements. It is an exhaustive process but a worthwhile one in the end.

And now to quit memory lane and get back to this day in 2007, I shall sign off to get going with the day. I hope to not be missing in action for so long again.