Back to School 2

on Wednesday, 03 January 2007.

I got back to campus Sunday evening. I wish I had a great New Years story to share, but I don't. I spent New Years Day being lazy and cleaning up my apartment (although I haven't gotten to take down the Christmas decorations yet). I spent Tuesday tying up loose ends and headed over to the gym to start the new year off right. I really love our gym, but getting myself there the first time is the hardest part. After the first day back I remembered how easy it is to take an hour or so out of the day and work out over there. You can plug your head phones right into your machine and watch TV. VH1 marathons seem to make the time go by for me, but when I'm running I usually watch the News or CNN- something that will get me worked up a bit more.

I've been feeling really anxious about applying to graduate school but being back on campus puts me a little more at ease. I have a lot of work to do, but at least I'm back in a place where I can get it done.

I went into work for half of the day at Admissions today and gave my first campus tour in about a year. It was a one on one tour with a Transfer student and he just wanted to see a few specific areas, which made my life easy. He was also looking at the Film and Animation program and that is in my college, so I was able to show him the ins and outs of my buillding. There were a few Film students in the labs working too and he was able to ask them the questions that I couldn't answer. The film guys were funny, but brutally honest. They said that they were in there working on their thesis project and they were still behind (keep in mind we are still on holiday break). Then they went into talking about their Junior year project that took them 6 months of working 20 hours a day. The project was a 3 minute animated short.

Yes RIT is intense and I am feeling it. But the degree is worth the work and I am only 7 weeks away!!!