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Back to School!

Andrea Shaver on Thursday, 04 September 2014. Posted in Athletics, Clubs, Festivals, Student Life, The Arts

It’s hard to believe it is already Week 2, and that there is so much happening around campus already! With the students all settled and classes in full swing, the events and activities that happen around campus have also picked up significantly. There are so many different flavors of events that happen all around campus. I’m going to let you know about a few that have happened the past week or two, and events that are coming up this weekend. There’s so much to do this list is by no means inclusive of everything that happens at RIT. Make sure to get out and explore for yourself!

  • Back to School Fireworks 

A personal favorite, happens the Sunday before classes start. Over by the field house they have a huge fireworks show. Fireworks just make me really happy and excited, that’s why it made my list!

  • Apple Fest

The National Technical Institute for the Deaf’s Apple Fest was RIT’s first festival of the year. Students could attend to try different types of apple foods, learn about apples, and even watch skits about apples! Students also had the opportunity to learn about involvement in the community and to make connections with other students. This is a big event where hearing, deaf, and hard-of-hearing students come together. 

  • RIT Players 24 Hour Show

The RIT Players is RIT’s student run theatre group. To kick off their year (they will do about 4-6 productions every year) they do a 24 hour show. They cast, write, rehearse, and perform a show, all within 24 hours. Besides the Players, there are a number of other fine and performing arts groups on campus that will have concerts and performances throughout the year.  

  • Poster Sales

In Global Village and over by Gracie’s there are a few big poster sales each year at the beginning of the year. This is an awesome time to get some new decorations for your room or apartment. When I say that it is a big poster sale, I actually mean giant. You can probably find any kind of poster you can imagine!

  • Sporting Events

While RIT may be best known for our hockey games, hockey season doesn’t start until October. There are plenty of other sporting events to attend on campus, though! Soccer and volleyball are in full swing. Make sure to watch out for the Tiger Den events. They have a bunch of awesome giveaways at these games. 

  • Big Shot

The Big Shot is this coming weekend. The Big Shot is a community photography event where community members will paint a building with light, and the photographers take a long exposure photo. This is a really fun way to become a permanent part of RIT history! This year’s big shot is over at the Golisano Institute for Sustainability (on RIT’s campus). Freshman will receive a free flashlight. Make sure to wear your back!

  • Humans v. Zombies

Humans vs. Zombies is officially kicking off this weekend! Our ambassador Carl wrote a great post about this campus wide event last year. As he put it Humans vs. Zombies is "when upwards of 500 players come together to survive the zombie horde or risk certain extinction. It makes for a very exciting week of survival and missions, where humans must make an attempt to reach Extraction, while zombies prowl the campus to ensure their demise." Make sure to check it out! 

There is plenty more that happens on campus! Whether it is a free movie night, going ice skating, or rock climbing at the Red Barn, you will never be bored. Make sure to get out and explore everything that happens around Brick City! Make sure to watch Facebook pages for College Activities Board, the @EventsatRIT twitter, and other social media sites to stay up to speed on what’s happening!