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Bagpipes on Campus

Alissa Anderson on Sunday, 10 October 2010. Posted in Academic Calendar, Faculty, Life After RIT

Just checked into twitter and EVERYONE is tweeting about the Bagpipe music on campus right now. For those unfamiliar with RIT Traditions, the bagpipe procession is a ritual at all major formal event on campus - such as college commencement ceremonies and academic convocation. 

Luck for me my sorority house is located right next to the field house, so we hear the pipes loud and clear when they practice for upcoming events. I'm not sure what they are gearing up for tonight... but I bet its for BRICK CITY HOMECOMING next weekend! 
*Brick City Homecoming & Family weekend (Oct 15-17) is featuring Craig Ferguson and Al Pacino this year! 

Here is the bagpipe crew from the RIT NTID Graduation Ceremony last May 

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