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Beating Senioritis

Shane O'Shea on Monday, 23 January 2017. Posted in Academic Calendar, Coursework

As a student in your senior year, chances are you have heard of the term “senioritis” before. During this time of year it's a very common word. Think about it, you are almost done with school and you feel like you deserve a break so you reward yourself  with a slower-paced semester before you graduate. As seniors, the biggest problem many of us face is remaining productive and being as organized as possible to finish on a strong note. 


As a major in 3D Digital Design, if you stop working on projects or learning new relevant things, it is strongly reflected in your work that is presented to future employers. You are simply not learning as much if you feel the need to take is easy just because it’s your senior year. To make sure you are getting the most out of your education and keeping up with all your goals, you need to keep learning and improving. One way that I have been able to maintain my productivity is by staying organized; keeping a schedule and staying inspired are great ways to continue pushing forward with your work and feel like you are as time efficient as possible! 


Personally I liked to use Google Calendars to help me stay on top of when I have free time and when I’m busy with jobs, class or other obligations. It has great color coding options to help you separate different types of events as well, which is a great tool for visually organizing your schedule. 


Another valuable asset to add to your tool belt is a free application called Todoist. You can mark different tasks based on the day, time and if the task at hand is for work or personal merit. You can even use it in group projects where your group leaders can keep track of certain tasks that they’ve assigned to the rest of their teams. Should you have any late tasks, it will send e-mails and other reminders on your phone to make sure that you are on top of your work which is great for staying on the same page with the rest of your team. 


One of the best ways to curb your senioritis is to make sure you are giving yourself breaks and time to relax in between your day. While you do want to stay productive and make the most out of your time, you want to stay healthy and in the right mindset when you go back to work. Sometimes you are just a better worker after having gone to the gym or spent sometime away from staring at the same work you’ve been at for the last few hours. 


With these tips in mind, I hope everyone makes the most out of their last semester. Reaching your educational goals doesn’t stop after college and shouldn’t slow down at all your during senior year! 


Here is one of the projects that is in progress. I have been working on to help keep me creating and learning new things.

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