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Becoming a Champion (RIT Intramural Sports)

Ken Radzyminski on Wednesday, 11 September 2013. Posted in Athletics, Life After RIT, Student Life

Like to be competitive but not on the club or varsity level? That’s where intramural sports come in. Intramural Sports @ RIT are a way to be competitive while still being slightly relaxed. With around 18 sports available, ranging from basketball and soccer to cricket and broomball, students can gather their friends and create a team to play other teams of RIT students. Most intramural leagues have one game per week for teams, and will have games throughout the semester with a championship during the last week of the season. New seasons start each semester, and even run through summer! “Since there is an intramural championship, what does my team get if we win?” If your team wins the final game, each team member receives an Intramural Championship t-shirt, a sheet pizza gift card for Salvatore’s Pizza, and a team photo with the intramural trophy (which is believe it or not cooler than it sounds!).   Finally, intramurals offers work opportunity for students who want to referee games. This is great for those who don’t just want to play the sport, but also be able to referee and make some money while having fun. If refereeing interests you, or if you have any questions about intramruals at all, you could contact Brennan Coon, the Assistant Director for the Center for Recreation and Intramurals and Intramural Club Sports Coordinator.     To find more information on RIT Intramurals, check out their facebook page at