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Blogging Semester

Nirav Sanghvi on Friday, 15 May 2015. Posted in Coursework

Phew! Week 15 is here, which means last week before finals start. Good thing for me about this semester was I had taken classes which required me to turn in assignments and projects instead of writing final exams. This is just the good part, the better part is; a lot of my classes went along with each other quite well. I was literally learning somethinng in one class and applying it in other class. It was really exciting. Now the best part; I call this semester “blogging semester”.  I have been very active on social medias (mostly Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) for three reasons that basically sum-up my experience as a New Media Marketing major.

  • Social Media Marketing

A major required class for me, Social media marketing is a course offered at RIT’s Saunders College of Business by Adriana M. Boveda. The class teaches the importance of Social media on major brands across the world and how it connects customers on a personal level. Part of the class is to create and maintain a semester long blog which could be about anything of my interest. This is done with an effort to create content that attracts attention and encourages readers to share it across their social networks. My blog is based on an adventurous game called Grand Theft Auto 5 Online and it showcases different events and tips and tricks around the fictional city of Los Santos in the game.

  • Social Media Ambassador

As fun as it sounds, this is what my job title is called. I’m a social media Ambassador (A.K.A student ambassador) and my job allows me to explore and give me hands on experience in my own field. Although this job sounds easy, it is not! But it is very exciting to discuss new ideas to connect RIT’s social media platforms to our future students and their parents and everyone who is interested in RIT. 

  • Social Media handling for Dubai-based store

I have already mentioned about this store in one of my previous blogs. Along with school and admission work as a student and ambassador, I’m also working part-time for my cousin’s clothing store in Dubai, UAE. Just like any other retail store, it needed a digital presence especially since it’s brand new in town. I set-up a website and social media channels for the customers to interact and understand our store. Later this year, I will be making the website into an e-commerce platform for customers to buy clothes online. I optimized this work into a course project for my class “Building a web business” and most of the learning in the class was being put into work right there which made the project very interesting.

The fact that most of the skills and tools I used for developing the website, blogging for class and other responsibilities I fulfilled as a student, ambassador or part-time worker were all learned in the very same semester. This gives me a sense of satisfaction because you don’t see your learning go into practice so quick.