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Bob Dylan and John Legend Should Definitely TEAM UP - BOB LEGEND!?!

Sabrina Soares-Kern on Wednesday, 10 November 2010. Posted in Student Life

On November 6th, 2010 Bob Dylan and His Band preformed in the Gordon Field House, and although the demographic that attended was mostly people our parents age, wearing their leather jackets and Grateful Dead T-shirts the show did not disappoint! 

         Despite the fact that Dylan is 70 years old and can't really sing or annunciate words anymore he still plays the harmonica as well as he could 50 years ago!!


Here's a quick clip of Dylan breaking down on the harmonic for your aural pleasure



            And if Bob Dylan wasn't exciting enough, one week later John Legend came to the Field House and preformed for us too!!




            Now, you may be wondering how we got both these fantastic performers to swing through our part of town - so let me clue you in. 

Here at RIT, we have what’s commonly known as CAB or College Activities Board. CAB is an organization on campus that provides diverse entertainment and activities for our students, staff, faculty and even the general Rochester community. 

CAB is broken up into eight divisions that include

Friday Night Live – live music from all over the country right on campus

Late Night Events – more live music and entertainment!

Recreation and Travel – off campus activities organized for students

Saturday Night Standup – uncensored comedy for the college crowd

Senior Events – events specifically for graduating seniors

Special Events – tailored, unique and diverse activities

Thursday Night Cinema – a weekly film screening for FREE

And of course Major Concerts – from music to standup comedy, the hottest acts from both upcoming and nationally recognized artists each quarter!


Be sure to check and re-check the Event Schedule to be sure you don’t miss any of the excitement on campus!

And for all those events you did miss, check out the Media Gallery for a recap with photos and videos!