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Bored at College... Impossible! (Clubs @ RIT)

Ken Radzyminski on Thursday, 14 November 2013. Posted in Clubs, Life After RIT, Residence Life, Student Life

So it’s the first week of school, you’ve set up your dorm room, met some friends, and attended all of your classes for the week. Now what? How else can you get this full college experience that everyone talks about?” You remember the club fair you attended during freshman orientation and being introduced to hundreds of clubs. Now it’s time to try some of them out. RIT offers at least 200 different clubs on campus, including academic, athletic, social, and service clubs. Students can join clubs that build and race formula cars, bike or run around the rochester area, or even grow beards! The club center at RIT holds events and gathering for those who are involved, such as the club talent show, and usually festivals in the fall and spring. Clubs also have the opportunity to receive financial help from RIT to attend conferences or off-campus activities in relation to their clubs. To find out which clubs already exist on campus, visit the brand new RIT clubs page at Some of the clubs that I personally have been a part of are the RIT Quidditch Club (check out my blog on Quidditch @ RIT) and Keep Rochester, which was a club that went around to women’s centers in the Rochester area and spent time with the women and children on holidays. I have also taken part in Running and Multisport Club events and worked with the Juggling Club at a Keep Rochester event. Now what if you have an idea for a club that does not yet exist? Start your own! It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!   1. Submit a proposal to get your club idea approved 2. Gather friends and a faculty or staff advisor who have an interest in your club 3. Meet with the Club Review Board to become an official RIT club   It is probably the most over-said phrase during any college tour, yet it is probably the most important: Get involved! Getting involved on campus will create experiences that you’ll remember forever, will help you meet people you wouldn’t have otherwise, and learn more about the university that you are attending.