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Bounty for XP on MacIntel

Joe Conley on Tuesday, 24 January 2006.

Wow, I knew people were dying to get XP running on the new Intel Macs so they could have the best of both worlds, but now someone has put a bounty on getting XP and OS X to coexist on a new Intel iMac. It started at $100, and now it's over $4000.

The Contest:
My MacBook is shipping on the 15th of February. I told my boss that this would replace my IBM desktop and I could boot Windows XP on it. I am still confident it can be done. I am pledging $100 of my own money and offering anyone else who

would like the instructions on how to Dual boot these two operating systems the ability to donate some of their money into the pot as a reward for the person / group that can make dual-booting Mac OS X and Windows XP happen on an Intel Mac.