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Boy Two: "That's the smell of an Engineer"

Alissa Anderson on Tuesday, 20 January 2009. Posted in Coursework, Majors & Minors, Residence Life, Student Life

So, it is 3:30 on a Tuesday afternoon and I am currently sitting in Erdle Commons doing physics homework.  Erdle Commons is the hot spot for the engineers on campus.  Erdle is the lounge in Building 9 and has the best couches EVER.  Because most engineering classes start at 8 am Erdle is normally full of kids sleeping in the morning, dong group work in the afternoon and socializing in the evening.  Today I have a break between classes until 4 so I came to Erdle to get some homework out of the way…   When I get bored of homework I usually start to people watch, to see if I know anyone in here or sleeping on the couches (like my room mate who I just discovered sleeping on the red couch by the window… I’m pretty sure she has class in five minutes….), or if anyone can help me with the physics homework!!

Conversation by two boys cutting through Erdle:
Boy One: “What’s that smell?”
Boy Two: “That’s the smell of Engineering.”

Just a day in the life of an engineer… 

One of my favorite parts of being about the students on campus is how everyone is so dedicated and OBSESSED with their majors.  The art students pride themselves on their creations and live their lives though their cameras; where as Engineers run around campus cracking jokes about Newton and Einstein.  Students who really love to live through their major have the option of live in special interest housing, SIH.  Examples of SI Housing include Photo House, which has dark rooms on the floor; Engineering House, which builds a new special attraction every year, last yeah they converted one of the lounges into a cinema; others Houses include International House, Unity House, House Of General Science, Computer Science House…  So if you are a freshmen looking to love your major, there is a place for you!

Until Tomorrow,  Ali