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Kahle Toothill on Friday, 27 October 2006. Posted in Coursework, Rochester & Monroe County

This past week It's been a little on the chilly side which means no more flip flops. And I love flip flops. I'll usually wear them if it's 50 degrees or over but the temp has been in the 30s and 40s this week. I'll be wearing them again in 3 weeks though when I go to Disney and Bonita Springs, FL. :-D My family has a tradition of going to Florida for every thanksgiving and this year is no exception. I've only been "home" in Pennsylvania for Thanksgiving once in my life, so for this time of year, Florida is my home.

Classes. Classes have been HECTIC this week. I had my final paper due for Wines of the World, and ecology lab proposal due and a take home essay exam, also for ecology. I've been busy busy but next week is going to be a little easier. See, I think I've found the trick to the quarter system. Everyone is on top of their stuff for the first part of the quarter and things are going fine until BAM... it's Week 8 and everyone's freaking out and is stressed to the max with final papers and projects. If you can perservere through the last couple weeks without dragging or giving up, you'll do just fine. It's the ones that let their work pile up or just 'give up' that end up suffering. But on the other hand, if you get slammed with papers or exams all in one week, there's nothing you can really do. You do your best, but only with the time you can, which usually makes for less than steller grades.

Tomorrow I'm going to a haunted house at Frontier Field (where the Rochester Red Wings play baseball) downtown. It's usually packed and there's 6 haunted house which are really good. They have hot apple cider and people walking around in costumes the whole time with spooky music and decorations. Bottom line: they know how its done. I'm going with my roomies so I'm PUMPED. Then I'm sure we'll find some Halloween parties later. ahh I still have to get a costume after work and classes today.