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Bruno Monguzzi: Design Lecture

Emily Okey on Friday, 16 September 2011. Posted in Coursework

There are definite advantages to living on a campus with 16,000 other students. It means there are things to do all of the time. It always makes me laugh when we get people on tours asking “Is there anything to do on campus” -- makes me imagine 16,000 people sitting around twiddling their thumbs.

Being in college (and well, being a nerd) has gotten me to attend some events that I might have never even thought about in high school. Since when was it “cool” to go to a lecture that was not required by class. Ha. I surprise even myself sometimes.

Tonight after a few hours of class and work there was a lecture by a designer named Bruno Monguzzi from Switzerland. I was debating whether or not to go and part of me wanted to go home, make dinner & get started on homework. The other part of me (thankfully) realized that this was one of those “once in a lifetime” kind of events and I should get my butt over there.

Good choice.

Bruno Monguzzi spoke for almost an hour and a half on his life, design career & specifics on the thought process behind designing posters. Saying the lecture was “awesome” would be an understatement.

He spoke about how graphic designers need to be both good people & more importantly good communicators. Went over dynamic vs expressive typography. He talked about how we should “Disobey rules when they don’t allow you to reach your goal”.

Probably the biggest point I took away from it was the idea that “You have to be in love with the problem”. Maybe this was because he was about 2 feet away from me screaming this by that point. Quite the enthusiastic speaker. But it’s a great point, there’s no point in doing something and working on it unless you’re 100% behind it.

I actually had the pleasure of hearing another lecture today in my Digital Entrepreneurship class today as well but more on that later because this is long enough!

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