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buckwheat and harry, alligators and apple

Amanda Lasicki on Tuesday, 05 June 2007. Posted in Student Life

it's hot. florida in the summer. bad idea. 

i've found some malls and outlet shopping centers. that's all fine and dandy...except it's outdoors. so you can't use it as a rainy day activity. annndddd my debit card was declined today while shopping. guess my roommate finally cashed my big ol' check for rent. boo. so now i have to wait on my check from the last week of school to arrive and i guess i'll just keep up with this blog entries. 

one of the malls, about thirty minutes away, has an apple store!! civilization, yay! it's new, so that's why i didn't know about it when my parents first moved here. i was kinda bummed going in there, it really made me miss my friends and my old job. ]= 

i'm apparently still having issues inserting pictures. boo.

that brings me to my next point. HEY YOU, YES YOU INCOMING FRESHMAN!! BUY A MAC, GET A FREE IPOD!! apple gives you a sweet student discount year round but from now until school starts, the deal is even sweeter. buy a mac, any mac (except the mac mini which you really wouldn't want for college anyway) and get $199 rebate on any ipod (which makes all shuffles and the smaller capacity nanos free). and you get $100-200 off your computer too. if anybody wants to buy a mac and feels they don't need the free ipod because they already have one or something, please direct your free ipods to me, i want a red nano. [=  also, if possible please go to your local apple store. people there are really helpful and who knows you may find an employee headed to RIT. last year i'd ask the customers where they were headed to school and i heard a few kids say they were headed there. plus the five i herded in from my town.

so something that's not facebook to play around with when you're bored --   check that out, especially if you love music. it tracks what you listen to so you can see what your top bands and top songs are week by week and overall. they also have personal radio stations where you type in your favorite band and it plays music by them and artists similar to them. it's a great way to discover new music. 

yesterday we were driving and i saw a mini-golf course that stood out to me from the rest of the other ten thousand mini-golf courses because of a small sign under the main sign. it read "live gators". so today me and my mom went mini-golfing at the place with live gators. they sell little baggies of gator treats and they have spots where you can put the treats on a stick and then feed it to the gators. all of the alligators were sunning themselves on the rocks and once i started feeding them, they started fighting each other. oh, and golfing was fun too. 

((here i go again trying to insert a picture of me feeding the gators))

it''s really nice seeing my dog again. he's a cutie. i got him for my sixth birthday, so yes, he's old. but he's a cute old man dog.

another animal i've been dealing with lately is a white bird that hangs out in my backyard that i've named buckwheat. i keep trying to get pictures of him, but then he flies away. boo. 

things i'm looking forwards to: disney world this weekend, going back to rochester on june 15th!!, going to connecticut to visit everybody for two weeks, the return to rochester june 30th, HARRY POTTER WEEK IN JULY, college and careers, my birthday. oh wait, that's pretty much the entire summer right there. i'll keep you updated.