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Burnin' that Midnight Oil.

Erin Supinka on Thursday, 29 November 2012.

IMG_1246There is no question that caffeine is a staple in a majority of college kids' diets and lifestyles. From 8am classes to finals week cram seshes, caffeine can quickly become a pseudo-best least for me.

Luckily, RIT supples its students with a vast selection of coffee shops all over campus. Quick caffeine fix no matter where you at! However, it did lack one, crucial element of caffeine supplementing - late night.

There was no coffee shop open past 10:30pm during the weeks and nothing later than 9pm on the weekends. Java's, the coffee shop with the latest hours, was my go to place during finals weeks and late nights in the library.

However, once the clock hit 10:30, my caffeine was limited to what was available in the vending machines. And let me tell you, Pepsi or Mountain Dew does not cut it after a couple double shots of espresso in hot chocolate with delicious whipped cream and chocolate jimmies.

It just isn't the same.

Insert a Student Government iniative from last year: get a late night coffee shop on campus. And...they got the job done!

Midnight Oil opening its doors on Monday, the first day of the winter quarter in the same building as one of the student dining halls on campus, Crossroads. It's over in Global Village on the academic side of campus.

I'm extremely stoked and absolutely love it. True to its name, it is in fact open until midnight. They also are keeping an open mind and gauging interest and need for later hours in the future.

They serve Starbucks coffee, the second place to do so on campus, so all you Starbucks addicts can get quick fix on both sides of campus now.

They serve one of my favorite Starbucks drinks, the Green Tea latte/frappucinno made with Matcha. Which is awesome. Try it.

Check out some pictures I snapped on my first visit.


IMG_1218                Can you say yummy? Bagels to breakfast sandwiches to bakery goodies.


IMG_1232Talk about yummy baked goods. My absolute, freaking favorite - eclairs! This basically sealed the deal for me. I didn't even need to order anything to drink to make me come back now.




IMG_1228Another deal sealer for me. It wasn't on when I went in but as it gets colder, I'm assuming this will be on all of the time. And what that happens, you'll be hardpressed to get me away from it. I love fireplaces.
IMG_1234                                             Proof they are in fact open until late!

I can guarantee it won't be my last! It is a little bit out of the way of my classes (most of classes are toward the front of the academic side and this is more toward the back) but I definitely will make the trip for some late night caffeine!

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