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Emily Okey on Sunday, 19 July 2009.

I'm back in Rochester! My dad and I drove up yesterday-- stopping at all of the necessary attractions between DC and here, of course. I'll be staying in the dorms and working in the admissions office for a few weeks. 

Gotta love New York skies Smile

Last night after driving around campus we went to go find some dinner and saw... Chipotle! There was a discussion topic on the facebook group wondering if and when Rochester was getting a Chipotle so I thought i'd document their progress. Apparently they are now hiring and scheduled to open around the 16th of August. While it's not directly on campus (that would be a little too convenient) it is just a short drive down Jefferson. 

There have been some changes around campus so stay tuned and I'll see if I can get pictures and updates about those!