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Calling Anyone at all?

Jon-derek Castagno on Saturday, 16 December 2006. Posted in Academic Calendar

So as some of you who live far away from a destination knows that driving cost are expensive. It costs me around 110 dollars to get home, what that means if it is just me is that that’s a lot of money. I have been trying to find people anywhere who need a ride home but I am having no luck. Seriously I think I called everyone who is on the east coast who needed a ride who is less than 150 miles off my course to Maine, yet nothing! How can that be it baffles me completely.

I am getting nervous also because that also means if no one is there, that’s just me driving for 9 hours with no one to talk to. I am a not an inexperienced drive but still it worries me that its my first solo trip. After all I did just get my license and what not. I am definitely going to be keeping on my best behavior so I don’t get a ticket.

Things are going well with my brother, he has finals for first semester now. HAHAHHA I already had mine and moved on, that really is one of the things I like about RIT because of the quarter system while everyone else is taking finals we aren’t so I call up my friends and laugh at them, its pretty fun I highly recommend it.