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Campus Heroes

Shane O'Shea on Thursday, 01 October 2015. Posted in Campus Safety

Everyone has a hero or two, right? Well, I'm lucky enough to have a whole crew of people who have been helping me out of some unlucky situations since I started at RIT three years ago that we like to call Campus Safety. So I am sitting there, at the end of my 9:00pm drawing class, and I am ready for a relaxing drive home after another productive day. I start walking to my car, and reach for my keys but find they're not in my pockets! I stay calm of course and check my bags, re-trace my steps and make sure I hadn't dropped them anywhere on the way to the parking lot but they were nowhere to be found. I figured my next best bet would be to check the classroom I was in, just in case it fell out there.  So here I am, running back up to the figure drawing room where I had my class, to find out that it was locked due to it being the last class of the night. This was the only copy of my keys, and I am feeling pretty confident that they are totally in there on the floor by where I was drawing. I call up Campus Safety's non-emergency number, and a campus safety officer was right there in a flash with a key to the drawing room. I was so happy they were able to unlock the door so I could take a look and search for my car keys but to my own personal horror found they were not there anywhere. Campus here is so great because many different buildings have a lost and found but in my case, many were closed due to it now being past 10:00pm. Campus safety was so helpful at helping me from here on out. They took me back to their office by the dorm side of campus and looked in their lost and found where some important lost items eventually end up. I got there and described my key which had a yellow tag and to my relief it was there! I couldn't believe it ended up all the way to their offices! Plus we all got a pretty good kick out of the look on my face as I start losing hope that I'll be taking my car back with me to my townhouse.  Campus Safety told me it was brought to them sometime after my class started, so I must have dropped it out of my pocket on the way to my class!

The main lessons here that I learned was firstly, to keep better track of my stuff but secondly, always have an extra key! Without Campus Safety that night, I really don't know how long it would have taken me to find those keys, if at all! For that reason, I have to say our campus safety really does rock for saving my skin. They even gave me a ride back to my car so I didn't have to walk and could get home! You'd think that'd be the end of it, but they've been helping me and all of us here on campus with so many similar situations that happen as we go about our busy exciting schedules. They've even came to the rescue for me personally when I accidentally set off a security alarm in my major's computer lab and didn't know the code to shut it off on the weekend, as well as helping me jump-start my car when it got a dead battery in the winter.

Like I said, some of us have heroes, and when it comes to my time here at RIT campus safety really has my back and that's why they are my campus heroes. Do you have a campus hero or story where campus safety helped you out?