Career Fair 2013

Ricky B. on Monday, 01 April 2013. Posted in Co-op, Life After RIT

On March 20th nearly 240 companies converged on RIT's Gordon Field House & Activities Center for the Spring 2013 Career Fair, organized by the Office of Cooperative Education and Career Services (OCE). I went to the fair not looking for a job or co-op, internship, or job but rather practice my networking skills and build connections for possible future employment. This year I also volunteered and helped the employers as a messenger and tweeted about my time there (the OCE even used the picture I took as their Twitter background).

Nearly all of my friends attended the Career Fair and they were wise to do so. Whether you are looking for an internship, co-op, summer job, or full-time employment it's a smart idea to go because you'll always end up benefiting yourself in some capacity. If you go and like me you aren't looking for a job, the fair is an excellent way to practice your "elevator speech," hone in on your networking skills, and maybe get an interview or two for practice. In addition, you get some more experience dressing up in business professional for the day. There is a running allusion largely by the women on-campus that Career Fair days are very good days because most men are wearing suits or sports coats.

The OCE offers lots of information about the Career Fairs on it's website in addition to some great, general purpose knowledge and tips for interviews, networking, and job hunting. The co-op program at RIT is very strong (it's the 4th oldest and one of the largest in the nation). That combined with the institute's excellent alumni network puts students ahead and at a distinct advantage.

I was very happy with my experience at the Career Fair this spring as I gained two connections to two organizations in the same sector that I plan on working in. Next I'll be back and looking to gain and develop more connections and relationships and maybe looking for a co-op for the Spring Semester or summer.