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CEA slams big media's fear-mongering

Joe Conley on Saturday, 24 June 2006.

Consumer Electronics Association criticizes content industry fear-mongering:

"An advertisement published in a Capitol Hill newspaper by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) calls for legislators to oppose restrictions on satellite radio. Featuring amusing prophecies of doom uttered by content industry figures of the past, the advertisement illuminates the deficiencies of the vacuous arguments used by the contemporary content industry in its battle against fair use rights:"

In the advertisement, the CEA advocates a free market solution rather than regulation, and implies that satellite radio is simply the latest target of the myopic content industry, fearful of developments that could necessitate change and adaptation or lead to a temporary decrease in profit. The CEA's concerns are well placed.

In 2004, the RIAA said that it did not intend to fight against the ability to copy music from digital radio, but reversed its position in 2005 by sponsoring the HD Radio Content Protection Act, which would have imposed detrimental restrictions on digital and satellite radio and further eroded fair use rights. The conflict between satellite radio companies and the music industry escalated last month when Universal Music Group, Sony BMG Music Entertainment, Warner Music Group and EMI Group filed a lawsuit together against XM Radio for enabling consumers to record up to 50 hours of music on a portable satellite radio receiver.

This is not the first time that the CEA has used advertising to convey a message to legislators. In April, a CEA advertisement published in two Capitol Hill publications took aim at the RIAA's litigious assault on swashbuckling music misappropriators. The April advertisement, which humorously juxtaposes people enjoying television and a stereotypical sea pirate, was widely appreciated within the blogosphere:"