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Amanda Lasicki on Sunday, 22 April 2007. Posted in The Arts

this has been a wonderful weekend. my one complaint is that it's TOO HOT. i'm serious.

spring is a wonderful season here at RIT. i never really liked spring all that much back home. i think i am just more thankful for it here because i am outside more here. at home, i'd go straight from my house to the car which was parked in my nice warm garage and then drive to wherever and dash the 50 yards into the building. weather? meh. but here i have to scrape off the car and trek up a windy hill so when it stops "slushing", i notice.

to celebrate, we had a bbq yesterday. do you ever have one of those moments that is just perfect? where the lighting is right and there's a song playing that just fits? basically yesterday was filled with those. my friends and i were sitting on a blanket in the backyard and the sun was beating down, freckiling me. also, the drive home, the sun was setting, it was perfecto.

today was the last performance of "ourfaust", well until december. shooting the play has been my longterm project for class, but it also allowed me to meet a whole new group of people and i'm happy to get involved in something else. however, at the same time i'm glad that the show is done because i kind of need my life back. for example, my room is pretty much a pig sty at the moment. every day i just pile stuff on my bed and then at night i toss it all on the floor and the other day there were so many dirty clothes that i couldn't see the carpet.

another thing i am also getting involved with is swing dance club. i knew it existed and i knew it was on thursdays but i never knew the time and i always thought it was during my singers class. but both my new roommate kara and a girl from the show are in swing dance club and it is after my singers class. love how spring time is get involved time. i did the same thing last year with singers and photo house.

i have been going to bed so early lately. that's def not cool. i'm a college kid. college kids don't sleep, let alone sleeping at 11:00. oh well i still have a lot to clear the crap off my bed.

except for the part where i don't know how to embed the trailer into the entry so here's a link. go watch. NOW.