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Jacob Sachs on Friday, 23 November 2012. Posted in Co-op

As I said during my last post, the last 6 weeks of my co-op would definitely be crunch time. And I couldn't have put a better description on that. As my time for my second co-op is ending, with my last day to be Tuesday the 20th (4 more work days left) it has gone by faster than I could have imagined.

So to refresh y'all on these last six weeks:

First came registration. This was the first time I was actually signing up for classes with the new system and despite the improvements I can see needed in the user interface of the site, it actually was one of the easiest registrations I have. It's the first one for classes I had that wasn't at 6am which was also a nice change.

Looking ahead to next quarter, although it is quite the change to go from being on a co-op to going back to classes, I am looking forward to what is ahead. I am excited about the classes I am taking, many of which are outside packaging, including Foods of the World (which I am most excited for).

Not to mentioned, I realized post-registration quite how well I had done in arranging a time-friendly schedule for 18 credits. Nothing before 10, just one class after 2, and no Fridays once again, with my weekends beginning Thursday afternoon (2 PM). Not a bad set-up for adjusting back to school.

Now I still will be plenty busy with my outside committments of work, clubs, etc. and not to mention getting used to having homework and projects, tests, etc. again; but it is an adjustment I look forward to taking on. After all, I have been through this once before.

Reflecting back on the end of my co-op once again, the most anxious and exciting time I had in the last few weeks was my final presentation. I've given my fair share of presentations in the past, all the way through high school and some in college, but this was my first experience of presenting my work in a corporate setting where I am being evaluated for my work over a 6 month period.

I gave the presentation twice, to two different audiences. The first was the packaging team here in Englewood Cliffs where I am working, so this was to all of the co-workers I see on a regular basis. In addition, there were a few directors of the categories here in EC. Some of these people I haven't had the chance to say two words to since I've been here, so it was like meeting them for the first time.

The other presentation was to the packaging team at the other main corporate headquarters, in Trumbull, CT. This was an audience of managers, engineers, and directors, most of which I had not met before, so this would be my first impression on them.

I would say the presentations both went really well, and I am happy with the result of them. I would be grateful and lucky to get to work here again in the future. And even if that is not what ends up happening, this experience has been a memorable one, and I will have good contacts to network with from now on as a packaging engineer.

Now I will go back to RIT for my last three quarters and start that exciting job hunt shortly!

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