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Chart of the Nuclides

Alissa Anderson on Thursday, 15 July 2010. Posted in Co-op, Coursework, Faculty, Majors & Minors

Today was the debut of the 17th edition of the Chart of the Nuclides.

Not sure what a nuclide is?

Or what the Chart of the Nuclides is?

Do you remember the periodic table from Chemistry 101? Ok, the Chart of the Nuclides is like the platinum version of your periodic table. It shares the same concept and the same elements, but the Chart of the Nuclides presents the key nuclear properties of every known stable and radioactive form of each element (atomic number, neutron number, mass, relative abundance,half-life, decay properties…etc). Today there are officially 2,900 nuclides, including 3 nuclides and 2 new elements that were added to the chart in the 17thedition.

The Chart has been a main research area for many of the scientists at KAPL, who have been adding to it since 1956. Today I got the4-1-1 about what The Chart is, who uses it, how to use it, why EVERYONE was so excited for the release of the new edition (for reasons other then the free pen and cake at the ceremony….). Many of my fellow interns are nuclear engineering students and use the chart all the time in classes, it’s a required text book…so they were pretty stoked to get a free 40”x70” wall chart to hang in their dorm this fall.  I also snagged acopy and had it signed by the authors! I will have to see if any other professors back at RIT are looking for some new wall art… or I am going to have to take up physics, chemistry, or medicine as my minor and put the chart to useJ


Just another day at the office…