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Chinese New Year Festival

Mendy Yu on Monday, 15 February 2016. Posted in Clubs, Festivals, Residence Life, Student Life, The Arts

As many may know, Chinese New Year was Monday, February 8th, 2016. A lot of associations around campus gathered to celebrate it. This past Thursday, the Department of Modern Languages hosted a Chinese New Year Celebration.

There was a lot of free food, much of which I have tried in the past. There was some fried rice, white rice, shrimp egg rolls, chicken dumplings, sesame chicken and much more. Aside from the free delicious food, there were a lot of mini-events happening too. Students could explore and learn how to use chopsticks or practice calligraphy. One table was set up for a paper art craft. It was really interesting. The prompts had you cut out certain shapes and fold the paper in certain ways, which created the character for spring when you were finished.

With all the buzz and festivities, what really lit up the night was the lion dance show they hosted. It was interesting to see the lion taunt all the audience. There were also drums, cymbals, and a gong to accompany the dance. Usually, it's a tradition to feed the lion lettuce or red envelopes for good luck. At one moment, one of the students did actually try to feed him. The lion had a very sassy way of dancing and a joyful attitude. All in all, I had a very eventful night and I am glad RIT was able to share this event with me.

lion dance