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Advertising Photography
Plainview NY

Choosing RIT!

Lauren Szigetvari on Tuesday, 18 July 2017.

RIT has many great programs and majors, but bost people don’t realize how amazing RIT is for art and design.  Whenever I tell someone from back home that I go to RIT, they always ask if my major is either engineering or computer science… It’s actually advertising photography, guys. They seem baffled and ask why I didn’t go somewhere like SVA or Purchase. Well, I did apply there but I always wondered “What if I wanted to change my major to like Industrial Engineering? I would have to transfer, worry about what schools to go to, etc.” I always liked having options, just in case, and RIT is the best place for options. 

“RIT is one of the best photography schools in the nation, it’s cold, and the main sport is hockey”- Lauren Szigetvari, aka me circa 2013 

RIT had everything I wanted and more. Our facilities - no matter what major - are insanely amazing. During my internship over the summer, they couldn’t believe all that RIT had to offer and all the information theyhave already taught me in my three and a half years here. This school gives me the opportunity to literally do whatever I want (as long as it if offered) and I get to explore other options if I want to. I am working towards a minor in advertising and public relations, and I love that I can take these classes even though I am not in the major or the College of Liberal Arts. RIT is kind of like a buffet with every food possible and you get to go back in line as many times as you want. Now who wouldn't want that many choices?