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Choosing your Roommate!

Lauren Szigetvari on Monday, 03 April 2017. Posted in Residence Life

As graduation is coming up extremely soon, I’ve been thinking back on when I graduated high school and started my RIT career. Many of you reading this are in your senior year of high school and are wondering what college would be like and you may even be scared or nervous, especially about the residence hall life and how to find a roommate you will get along with. 

Finding a roommate is probably one of the hardest things you will do in your first two years. You want someone who you will get along with but will not distract you from the important work you will have to do. Maybe even someone in your major might be a good idea. 

I honestly found my roommate through Tumblr. We both posted something about needing a roommate and hash tagged “RIT” at the bottom, but there are tons of different ways you can search for your right roommate. We have the Facebook accepted students of 2017 group, the Loop, even Twitter and Snap chat could be a good idea.

Also, you have the option of letting RIT pair you up with someone. It works like this, after signing your housing contract and filling out a profile of questions, RIT can tell you if the roommate you have selected is a good match! There are questions like what time you like to go to bed and wake up, how much you like the window open, what type of music you listen to, or if you like to study in your room. Once you have made this profile, some candidates will show up and you can select one you’d think you would get along with based on the answers to the questions.

Once you have a selected roommate through RIT or one of our social media groups, you can select any open room you want! 

The process isn't that difficult and RIT wants to make sure your first year here is an easy transition. Who knows you might even room with someone you went to high school with!