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christmas in T-13 days!

Kahle Toothill on Tuesday, 12 December 2006.

It's hard to beleive the most magical holiday of the year is so close. It barely feels like Christmas on campus, well, besides when you step into our apartment. Maybe you'll come across a Christmas tree here or there, but for the most part, you need to catch the Christmas Spirit off campus at locations such as THE MALL. The mall has Christmas written all over it. From the very second you get out of your car you can hear the ring of the bell from the salvation army volunteers. Yupp, that sound you only hear this time of year. So my friend Alli and I took full advantage of the fact that after Week 1, we don't have a lot of work to do (yet) here at RIT. Like girls can easily do, we spend 4 hours carrying numerous bags around the Eastview Mall. We were so tired when we were done, as can be expected. I'll say that counted as a good workout for the day. But you know what? We didn't get everything we needed, so we're just going to have to go back again sometime :-P Here's a picture of us taking a "timeout" from shopping.