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christmas quarter

Amanda Lasicki on Thursday, 20 December 2007. Posted in The Arts, Women at RIT

here at RIT, winter quarter is split into two. the first three weeks are between thanksgiving and christmas. while all our friends at other schools are freakin out over finals, we are just starting a new quarter. things pick up fast though and we have projects due and then a two week break and weeks and finals after the holidays.

RIT singers has already had two concerts. our first one was friday night. it was with band, orchestra, jazz ensemble, and the a capella groups. afterwards, there was a reception. a lot of my friends from home that go to RIT were in band and chorus at home and are still in band and chorus here, so we all sat together with my parents at the reception. it was very comforting. then a bunch of friends that i made here joined us and it was really cool just to hang out with everybody together. sunday we performed at the service of lessons and carols right here at RIT's interfaith center. unfortunately, the crowd wasn't that big because of the storm. tonight we would normally have singers rehearsal, but ed (our director) cancelled it since we already had three rehearsals and two concerts and instead he is holding auditions for a chamber choir.
courtney, me, and ryn before our concert. i met courtney here last year when we were both auditioning for encore, RIT's female a capella group. i've known ryn since i was four. we rode the same bus to elementary school and have been singing together since we were eight.

in the photo department, there are three very big things happening in the next twenty four hours. tonight is the holiday auction. the head of our department dresses up and auctions off all sorts photo things, including old printers for CHEAP. they also have raffles and give out some free things, like film. i think our professors enjoy throwing film off the balcony to the lobby and watching all us poor photo students dive head first and beat each other up over it. at the auction, they also announce the results of the holiday check out lotttery. christmas break is the only break that students are allowed to bring cage equipment home with them. students enter a lottery and they are assigned a number at random. they announce who has what number at the lottery. number one gets their first pick of equipment and so on. friday morning, everybody gets to check out their equipment. also on friday is the big ad crit. the third year ad project happens during the first part of winter quarter. tomorrow is the critique for it, which is open to everyone. this is probably my favorite project here at RIT and i'm really excited to see it.
shalini and i had to make a poster for the rules of the holiday checkout. we had a little bit of fun with it...

so after all that, i get to go home. i def have some homework i need to do over break. not fun. but at least i get to be home and CHRISTMAS CHRISTMAS CHRISTMAS. oh and i don't have to wake up at 645 and go scrape my car anymore...woo hoo!! i kind of want to get one of those tent-garage things for colony...but then i know people will steal it or something.

after break, rehearsals for the musical are really going to pick up. like right now, there are some nights we get out early or that i don't have to be there but that won't happen once we get back. after the first week back, i'll have rehearsal every night and i'm pretty sure that the two weeks before the show, i am never going to leave the school. that i took that little break...back to working on my project that's due before i leave!!