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Chronicles of Co-op

Tiffani Williams on Tuesday, 25 September 2007. Posted in Co-op

Hey out there! I know it's been a long time since my last blog, but this is my long awaited, highly anticipated return! ....Ok, maybe not. I admit it is highly doubtful that anyone really noticed my blogging absence. Especially since my student ambassador buddies have been posting some really great stuff. Nice job guys!

Now, to my chronicles. Please be advised that this will be my only entry about my experience on co-op (for reasons that are explained in paragraph 5).Also, be advised that if you are looking for all the excitement of something equivalent to the “Chronicles of Narnia”, you should look elsewhere. This is the real world, people; no more fluff.

Co-op has definitely been an experience for the books. By books I mean my personal history. It is not really anything acclaimed enough for the pages of Time Magazine. Nonetheless, it is my co-op and it is an experience many students have during their college careers. For me, this experience has opened my eyes to a lot of things and has really showed me where my true interests are.  I guess that’s the point...

Before I get into that, let me share some backround information with you. I am originally from good ‘ol Rochester, NY but I currently reside in Providence, Rhode Island. And if I am going to be technical like the locals around here, I live in North Providence. I will try to refrain from making any comments about the hospitable folks from New England because they have been great. However, I will say that I still struggle with driving around here and people look at me like I am crazy when I speak. But let’s chalk all that up to regional differences and my Ra'chestarian accent.

I currently work at Hasbro Toys. Therefore, if you ask me to get you a Barbie for cheap I am going to look at you like you have 5 heads  (if you are unsure what I am talking about, ask your parents which company makes Barbie).  I can’t really explain much about what I do just for that reason. Which is why I will not be able to blog specifically about my adventures. Check us out at I apologize for the shameless plug.

Basically, co-op is like a test-run for the real world. At least that is what it has been for me these past few weeks. It has made me discover that I have a real passion for Marketing as well as Graphic Media. And I found this only by being exposed to all of the great people at my job and learning about what they do. Co-op is about handling yourself in a professional environment, paying BILLS, making a good impression, creating contacts, rediscovering your major, living on your own, etc.  This is the type of experience where you will find out what you are made of.

I’ll let you know how it goes...