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CIAS Student Showcase

Emily Okey on Wednesday, 25 January 2012. Posted in Majors & Minors

CIAS (or College of Imaging Arts and Sciences) is home to the School of Print Media, School of Design, School of Art, School of Photography, School of Film & Animation and School for American Crafts.

Basically.. we have A LOT of different majors.

I typically stick with design classes (except for my packaging & editorial classes this quarter!) which means I don't get to see work outside of my major a ton - except from close friends. CIAS has recently launched a sweet website called the CIAS Student Showcase which gives students the ability to post their current and past projects. It's a great way to search by major & see what everyone else is up to.


I haven't had a chance to put up any of my work yet - but I plan on putting some up soon! I went ahead and took screen shots of Christina Brook's profile (another one of the student ambassadors). She's New Media Design and has some pretty sweet projects up already for only being a sophomore :)


You can check out some projects for yourself [here].

In other news, we're starting a new 9 by 9 series which will be released once a week - on Wednesdays! They will feature one of each of RIT's 9 colleges and highlights 9 students talking about their favorite part of the college! 

Here is the video from this week for CIAS!