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Class Change and Leadership Positions!

Cory Gregory on Wednesday, 04 April 2007. Posted in Coursework, Student Life

I decided to drop my Computer Science III class because I didn't understand what the instructor was talking about. I did, however, pick up another class. I chose to pick up Discrete Math because it is a required course and because I love math! We're only suppose to add/drop a class up until the sixth day of classes, but I was about a week late so I needed to have all my instructors sign off and also have the class change reviewed by the Computer Engineering department. Luckily, everything went the way I had hoped, and I was allowed to change classes.

I've decided to run for a bunch of leadership positions for next year. The first position I chose to apply for was Orientation Assistant (OA). As an OA, I would be in charge of a group of incoming freshman during next year's orientation. There was an application to fill out and also a Group Process Day where all candidates were interviewed. Decision letters came out this past Monday and I got the position! I'm excited because I love working with other students and it will be a week full of fun events.

The second position I ran for was president of Art House. As president of a Special Interest House, I would deal with any problems or questions that members have. I would also help organize events and take charge of any other matters. During the Art House floor meeting this past Sunday, elections were held for all e-board positions. All the candidates gave a brief speech on why they should be the next president / historian / community service rep / etc. Later that night, the results were displayed and I was elected co-president of Art House!

There is, however, one more position I am running for: senator of the College of Engineering. There are three other candidates running for the position, so I need to prove to everyone why I would be the best person for the position. I have strong leadership skills, I am very organized, and I am easy to talk to. Elections will be held online April 16th through April 19th. I'll keep you updated on how everything is going!