Classes for Spring!

Christina Brooks on Monday, 07 February 2011. Posted in Advising & Support, Coursework

Registration this quarter rocked. Other than having to wake up excessively early, I got all of the classes I needed/wanted and I did it all in 20 minutes. I was then able to crawl back into my bed for an hour before my class that morning. Here’s a screenshot of my classes for next quarter:


I’m pretty excited about them. I’m really excited for my New Media Design classes I get to take. One thing that is great about RIT is that even in your first year you get to take classes related to your major. That way, we’re even more prepared for what the job field has to throw at us when the time comes. Here’s the break down of what next quarter is going to be for me.

Writing Seminar- Required Liberal Arts class. You can test out of it though if you score high enough on the SATS or your AP scores are 3+.
Core, Glutes, and Abs- Every RIT student is required to take two wellness classes before they graduate. It’s also a great way to keep active!

Pathways: Innovation- Every freshman is required to take a course called ‘Discovery’. This is just a freshman enrichment course to help new students get to know the campus and all of the resources available to them. The second part of this course is a Pathway. There are three different types: Innovation, Leadership, and Service. You get to choose which Pathway class you want to take. Not quite sure what this class is about but once next quarter starts, I’ll update you all. =)

Elements of Graphic Design for New Media- I’m really excited for this class, considering I was a graphic design major and still have a love for typography. Basically this class talks about all the different elements surrounding graphic design and how to successfully apply it to New Media since both majors overlap quite a bit.

Time-Based Imaging- Here I’ll learn how to use Flash, which is a program which deals with animation and other moving web material. Interactive and moving web are a big part of New Media Design, so I’m excited to get to learn a new program!

Intro to Web- Here I learn all about web pages, web design, and everything related to them! With everything becoming so much more focused on the web, this class is definitely going to be important.

So that’s what my next quarter is looking like! I’m ready for break, but I know after spring break I’ll be ready for my new classes. Bring it on!