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Cliff Walking in Newport!

Kahle Toothill on Monday, 10 July 2006. Posted in Co-op

This past weekend, my friend Amy and I recently went cliff walking in Newport. Most of the trail is paved some some of it consists of boulders and a little "off roading". Nevertheless, we managed to walk about 7 miles... in flip flops. After the walk we hit up some shops downtown. The most amazing part of Newport is all the sailboats. At any given time if you look out in the water they are all over! It's amazing to see. After our hike we took to the beach, of course. Here are two pictures from the cliff walk:


The next morning, we went to another beach. This time we hit up Naraganssett State Beach. It's the closest beach to our place and it's AMAZING to say the least. They rope off HALF the beach for surfers. If you didn't already know, I love surfing. I love to watch it and I love the culture and the whole relaxed, outdoorsy, one with the ocean mentality. Naturally, I'm becoming quite a beach bum, but I'm in my element there. Oh, and I almost impulse bought a surfboard today.newport.jpg  newport2.jpg