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Clubs 101: Starting Up

Carl Domingo on Friday, 01 November 2013. Posted in Clubs, Student Life

Honestly, I just can’t get enough of the clubs that are at RIT. There are just so many to join and so much to do! But, have you ever wondered how our 250+ clubs got their start? It’s actually very simple. I’ll use an example of a club that I happen to know a lot about: the Ukulele Club!

Uke club logo

Around this time last year, we weren’t actually a real club on campus. In fact, I had just bought my first uke at the beginning of last year. We started out as a bunch of friends who really loved to jam to a bunch of random songs. At first, it was just five of us: Piper, Jim, Tyler, Kate, and me, all of whom would become the original Executive Board (E-Board). Fortunately, a professor in my major is extremely musically inclined and also happened to be an avid player, so he became an obvious choice as our club advisor.  With some informal meetings, we were well on our way to generating some interest in this club and picking up some new members.

Uke Club the beginning

Overall, the actual process of becoming a club isn’t really that difficult, it just takes some waiting. We started filling the paperwork out in late October with all that basic stuff you need to make a club. You need to have an E-Board of at least four members, a member of the RIT faculty as an advisor, and at least eight initial members and enough interest to show that your club can be awesome. After about a month, we finally got the green light and became the club that you know of today.

Uke club club fair

That’s the secret really, a few members, an advisor, and a cool idea. From those humble beginnings, we’ve gone on to do some pretty fun events. We went caroling with ukes around the residence halls, which we’ve dubbed the Christmas Dorm Storm.

Uke Club Dorm storm

We’ve done workshops teaching people interested in learning how to play at Student Government’s The Event.

Uke club the event

We were offered an amazing opportunity to play for the College Activities Board’s Springfest.

Uke club springfest

We even went around playing at Imagine RIT 2013 and got a picture with President Destler!

Uke Club imagine

Coming into our sophomore year as a club, we have a lot to learn and a lot to do, and our club has grown two-fold, but you better keep your eyes peeled. We’ll be playing FringeFest in Rochester and may even be on the news! And, to think, only a year ago we weren’t even a real club! Just imagine what awesome things your club could do!

Uke Club photo contest

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