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Co-op at Home? Yes please!

Megan Chapman on Tuesday, 15 March 2011. Posted in Co-op

You can take the girl outta Colorado, but you can’t take Colorado outta the girl.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE RIT, but the winters can be a bit brutal and the humidity is a little much for a girl who grew up in dry country.  The beauty of the co-op program is that you can get out of Rochester or go home in your least desirable seasons, sort of. 

Last summer I returned home after landing an internship with a power plant in my city.  It let me live at home while making enought money to buy a car to drive back out to Rochester.  Unfortunately, it didn’t count as one of my 5 required co-ops because I hadn’t taken enough classes, but I still got to make bank and be at home.  This summer I got the same internship, but it will count as a co-op this time.  I will leave Rochester on May 20 to drive back to Colorado and work up until Black Friday.  I just happened to ask if Colorado Springs Utilities would be willing to let me work another three months for a double block and they happily agreed. 

This six months will fulfill a good chunk of the requirement for my Mechanical Engineering Degree.  For those of you out there who are from Rochester and want to get the experience of living somewhere else, the co-op program can help you do that too.  You can live in a new place and “try it out” while getting paid and still being considered a full-time student. 

After visiting RIT this single aspect “sealed the deal” for me.  I love having the opportunity to travel and get valuable job experience.  Click here to learn more about the co-op program.

How can I turn down this view driving to work every morning for six months working at a place that I enjoy?



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